Thursday, 26 February 2015

2DeepSoul/Owen Jay & Melchior Sultana - 24(7)26 - Minuendo Recordings

It’s not often a mere seven inches puts such a wide smile on the face. But then it’s not every day that deep house don Ernie and his beloved Spanish label Minuendo put together a release of such rare quality on the old-school format.

Now it has and what is even more exciting is that the 24(7)26 EP brings together two of bringdownthewalls’ favourite artists; 2DeepSoul (aka Brad Peterson and Rai Scott) alongside Owen Jay and Melchior Sultana.

There is something about 2DeepSoul’s sound that fits glove-like with the aesthetic, output and philosophy of both Ernie in particular and Minuendo in general. The duo’s Earth Energy Part 1 EP for the imprint a handful of years back snuggled into the label’s catalogue with infinite ease and their contribution here, entitled Home, has the same organic warmth and comforting dream-like melodies. It may not be the thumping, easy-mix, one-dimensional house music that the kids crave these days but hallelujah for that.

Completing and complementing the petite package are Jay and Sultana, stalwarts of the Batti Batti label and erstwhile production partnership for a number of tasty imprints including Underground Quality, Contrast-Wax and Moods & Grooves. Much of their work together not only sits perfectly with Minuendo but has echoes of the 2DeepSoul sound too in that it often has a dusty, soulful and honest quality about it. Their offering here, Deserted, is one such track; jazzy, raw and, like this adorable little seven inch, instantly lovable.

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