Wednesday, 4 March 2015

FD - Two Timer (No Aass He Losin Edit) - Yore

Yore’s Andy Vaz doesn’t come across as someone to rest on his laurels. Onwards and upwards seems to be his mantra. Having kept the Cologne-based label purring like a finely-tuned sports car over the years with releases from the likes of Alton Miller, Kez YM, Rick Wade and, lest we forget, his good self too and in a variety of formats, flavours and varieties, Vaz marches on with another first for the imprint.

This time a single-sided twelve from hitherto little-known producer Flavio Diners. Two Timer (No Aass He Losin edit) began life a few years back as a strictly-limited stamped red vinyl white label. Now it’s back with the Yore gloss sprinkled all over it.

Still super limited, this time to 200 pieces on white vinyl, Two Timer is a certifiable one-sided super slo-mo funkified nu-disco bomb. Stretched over nearly nine glittering minutes, the track struts gamely and fabulously like a baby mammoth in a spandex bodysuit and afro wig. The seventies-style deep soul samples are bang-on, in keeping with the retro vibe and ambience of the piece, working splendidly alongside the gloriously flabby and rough-hewn kick. Oozing funk with a big F and with no small amount of soul injected either, Two Timer is something of a must-have if slowed-down nu-disco funk is your thang.

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