Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Various Artists - Giuseppe’s Groove - Batti Batti Records

Seven up for Batti Batti Records. Hard to believe because in little more than a couple of years, the irrepressible owner Owen Jay has shown many a dreamer and pretender just how to do a deep house label with a slew of quality vinyl releases that have left committed collectors swooning in delight and yearning for more.

So this the fine imprint’s latest outing, the four-track Giuseppe’s Groove EP, will more than satisfy fans. For now at least. 

Big-hitting XDB of Metrolux and Sistrum fame - amongst many others - absolutely floors it with the EP’s opening slug. Though a remix of Andrew Duke’s title track, it is not difficult to see why the canny Jay opted to lead with this version. Chunkier and funkier than the original, the cut nonetheless retains the spirit of Duke’s work and has that inherent deepness so endemic throughout the entire Batti Batti portfolio.

It would almost be no surprise if the original were then a let-down by comparison. Not so. Seasoned Canadian artist Duke’s version is just as ballsy and equally ace, though relying more on a defter touch and with a distinctly more leftfield vibe. And, as the name suggests, it’s got the groove.

Jay and compatriot Brian James team up for the first time on the label with the splendidly raw Mockmoon. Raw, however, does not mean unaccomplished. In fact quite the reverse as Jay and James direct the cut skilfully from start to finish, every apparently unruly burble and gurgle, each flabby kick honed to perfection. On this showing, it’s a partnership we’d like to hear more from.

Providing a real star turn at the finish is Jesus Gonsev, Spanish DJ and producer as well as boss of his own much-respected imprint Troubled Kids. His offering, Drift, is a joy and a veritable must-have for any serious deep house collector. Sublime, groovy and with a delicate tone, Drift is not only a seriously impressive way to end an EP, but also arguably Gonsev’s best work to date.