Sunday, 4 November 2018

Rob Belleville - Implacable Force - Common Dreams

SOME people might say it takes a certain degree of chutzpah for a producer to incorporate the nickname of the pioneers of Detroit techno into their own working name. Other people might say it’s nothing more than a fine tribute to the genre’s legendary originators rather than some kind of ersatz tribute act. Whereas others might say, what the hell is chutzpah?

All the same, good on you Rob Belleville, whose nom de plume is a reference to the so-called Belleville Three of high-school pals, musicians and techno dons Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Because a little honest homage never did any harm.

Moreover, the experienced Dutch producer has long been his own man anyway with a lengthy discography stretching across labels such as Pong Musiq and Sander Prins and Tim Gaal’s aDepth audio. Now he’s gone and rocked up with a four-track vinyl release on Common Dreams, the lovely little boutique imprint run by respected producer Brad Peterson.

And whaddayaknow, it’s a perfect match.

Indeed, eponymous opening track Implacable Force is almost a calling card for the label itself; satisfyingly dreamy pads, intricate drum patterns, a distant-future vibe and an inherent intelligence. Proper electronic music for the grown-ups.

Yet there is so much more to this wonderful EP than clever house and techno. Sungazing is a real crowd-pleaser as it were for the deeper heads, myself very much included, with a more mellow and uplifting aesthetic, whilst the gorgeous Rise N’ Shine embraces a similarly optimistic, summery and euphoric lilt.

Winding up proceedings is Sands Of Time, an accomplished and more chilled, almost ambient-like take on this house and techno thing. Not only electronic music of the highest order from Mr. Belleville (it’s not his real name you know), an EP to revisit again and again.

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