Thursday, 26 February 2015

W & P Hgg - Down From Heaven - Hizou

It was the stunning deep house tribute to Gil Scott Heron craftily entitled Sleep Scott Heron some seven years ago that first brought the then-mysterious W & P Hgg to my attention. After some digging it transpired that the nom de guerre was in fact the alter ego of Hugo Giner, the man behind the intriguing Valencia-based label Cornuta Sound.

Yet despite essential follow-up releases on his own wonderful imprint and the ever-excellent compatriot imprint Deep Explorer, Giner fell silent and effectively dropped off the radar around five years ago.. 

Now he is back Lazarus-like from the deep house other side with a simply gorgeous EP, Down From Heaven, for the continually blossoming Mallorca-based label Hizou.

Devine EP opener Unique Soul is an odyssey of epic proportions. Its near 13 minutes of sun-soaked soul and warming vibes are stretched gloriously across the entirety of side A with maximum effect. Close your eyes and you could easily find yourself transported to a summertime Mediterranean beach, such is the impact of its brisk percussion, inspirational vocal sentiments and uplifting brass. 

Over on the reverse side is Welcome, a more stripped down and intergalactic offering. Constantly shimmering keys, robotic vocal snippets and a beautifully cushioned bassline ease and tease the track gently and pleasingly along. It’s a fine piece of work in its own right but is nevertheless supported in style by a remix from new studio partnership Sons of Empire, aka Madrid’s very own masters of the deep, Dubbyman from the aforementioned Deep Explorer and Minuendo Recordings’ Ernie. They opt for a more perc-driven take, a touch more downbeat and funky by design with a little more beef about the bass.

As comebacks go, it’s a beauty. Don’t leave it so long next time Hugo.

Check out:
Hizou online
Cornuta Sound @ Facebook
Pre-order Down From Heaven EP @ Juno

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