Sunday, 22 February 2015

Tales Ov Rossi/BitterSuite - Systems 01 - DeepSystems Music

Good things come to those who wait. Apparently. It may well be true as new label DeepSystems seems to have been a long time in the making given that the man behind it, Matt Pond, is a familiar name to those of a certain musical leaning thanks to his long-standing and essential radio show of the same name.

Now Pond has finally taken the plunge and enlisted the help of collaborators, cohorts and chums for cracking debut EP, Systems 01.

Devoted entirely to side one is opening track Pieces Of A Puzzle from Tales Ov Rossi, a joint effort between Jon Gray (one third of the BitterSuite collective which includes Pond) and 1Dan, erstwhile Batti Batti artist. It’s a no-nonsense, heads-down chunky little mother, moody and broody in equal measure yet strangely enthralling and mesmerising. A slow burner for sure too but one well worth going the distance with and a suitably fine introduction to the new project.

BitterSuite’s joyous deep house sound is a familiar one round these parts thanks to outings in various forms on labels such as Finale Sessions, Swedish Brandy and the aforementioned Malta-based imprint Batti Batti. 

So it is particularly satisfying to see the project - which on this occasion is actually Gray flying solo - take the reigns on the flipside with Familiar Currents Parts 1 and 2. He doesn’t disappoint. Part One is the more life-affirming, spiritually-rewarding and uplifting of the two versions, musically tight and expansive and with its groove most definitely on. Delightful.

Part Two is the more contemplative and introspective of the twins, no less accomplished mind you and ultimately just as deeply satisfying. Indeed, on rotation it delves far into the mind, body and soul to the point that when push comes to shove, it may even nick it as standout track depending on your musical persuasion. Highly recommended.

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