Friday, 26 October 2018

Tominori Hosoya - Halfway - TH Pressing

THERE can surely be few people in the house and techno arena that are as hardworking, energetic and downright nice as Tominori Hosoya. The Japanese artist, who also moonlights under the alias Tomi Chair, has been carefully honing his craft over the last decade or so but it is in recent years that he has really found his sound and place in the electronic music sphere with a slew of beautifully-emotive releases.

The likes of Batti Batti, Blind Jacks Journey, deepArtSounds, Minuendo, Soul Print Recordings and many more who know a thing or two about quality electronica have all invited Tomi to grace their labels. And for the past four years the inimitable and peppy Hosoya has used his own imprint, TH Pressing, as an additional outlet for his considerable talent.

Now all of that drive, endeavor and graft have reached an obvious conclusion with the release of the highly-impressive Halfway, the debut album from Hosoya and on his own label to boot.

Halfway goes all the way in both ambition and execution. It’s the record that the peerless Hosoya was always destined to make, an almighty venting of the man’s creative urge. And the sigh of relief from the hugely-likeable producer is near palpable.

But that’s not to say this album is in the least bit hurried, ill-conceived or half-cocked. It’s not. Indeed it is quite the reverse; measured, thoughtful and articulate. Beauteous, in fact.

Lush chords, ethereal sonic patterns and a distant air are the DNA common to this collection of ten musical love notes. From the melancholic optimism of We Wish 2 Cherry Trees Bloom Forever to the joyous Happiness To Trust and from the spirited Beautiful Lives to the wistful The Future I Dream, each and every track has a tale to tell, a footnote in Hosoya’s imagination.

In today’s saturated market where truly worthy releases can all too easily be overwhelmed by the deluge pouring through shops, e-tailers and inboxes daily, Hosoya has crafted an aesthetic, identity and sound that are genuinely all his own. He deserves to be heard. Do yourself a favour. Go listen.

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