Friday, 1 May 2015

Ka One & St-Sene - Inside Silent - Ornate Music

ORNATE have really upped the ante of late. Not that they were not already doing a great job. They were. A lengthy back catalogue crammed with the likes of Agnès, Dubbyman, HomePark and Sai is proof of that. It’s just that now more than 20 releases in and with finger-on-the-pulse signings more recently from Leif, Jordan and Rai Scott, the London-based imprint has built up momentum, concreted its musical stance and secured its position as a must-have label.

Now with the signing of the Parisian duo behind the rapidly blossoming Flyance Records label, Ka One and St-Sene, Ornate have shown once again that its talent-spotting skills are razor sharp. Because the resulting Inside Silent EP is, to borrow from that eminent street poet Judge Jules [okay, he‘s not really a poet], hotter than a vindaloo.

No surprise really given the quality of the output thus far from the pair, who can be caught playing out here. Nonetheless, it is still a pleasure to discover that Inside Silent is such a four-track treat with not a duffer in sight.

Take opening cut Necessary Illusions. Bright, breezy and buoyant deep house that jauntily and playfully skips along that fault line between uptempo warm-up and full-on hands-in-the-air peak time banger. Très bien.

Follow-up track 404 Page Not Found is much more cerebral and heads down by comparison. It’s still got quality etched all over it mind you, due in no small part to the distant percussive snaps and omni-present mildly menacing melody. 

F/Ck The Hype is a lovely little funky-dub techno hybrid that bounces along pleasingly and with an energy often missing from straight-up dub techno, whilst Facing You wraps up proceedings more than satisfactorily by tugging at the emotions with an ambient-tinged take on the deep complete with shimmering sub-aqueous keys, melancholic piano and a plangent chiming bell that combined are as likely to make you stop and stare into space every bit as much as encourage you to move. C’est magnifique mes amis.

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