Sunday, 7 September 2014

Rai Scott - Reason To Smile - Inner Shift Music

Inner Shift’s bid for domination of the underground house and techno scene shows no sign of abating. Levity aside though, it has been a seriously good year musically for the Edinburgh-based imprint and in particular its co-owners Brad Peterson and Rai Scott.

The former released his first album, the excellent Inner Visions, whilst the latter enjoyed her first solo outing on vinyl, the just as essential Inner Shift Volume 1 EP on London-based Ornate Music.

Now Scott takes centre stage once again with her debut solo release for ISM, the four-tracker Reason To Smile.

With its ambient tones, ethereal vibe and delicate, wistful melodies, We Love You is almost trade-mark Scott. Certainly she has carved something of a niche for herself when it comes to dreamy, organic grooves and with good reason. She does it so well. But there is so much more to We Love You, as the deeper you wade in the more the percussion drives on culminating in six minutes of glorious deepness.

Keep On has the warming glow about it of 2DeepSoul, the production partnership Scott shares with the equally-gifted Peterson. As delightful and well-balanced as We Love You but with just a little more soul, a tad more dance-floor nous and a touch more meat on its bones. Beauteous from first to last.

Cats & Water too has more urgency, more swagger. Bold, bouncy and bombastic, Scott really lets go and turns in a cut of real confidence and dance-floor appeal. 

As is often the case, the closing track throws up something a little different and, perhaps for some, something even more interesting and engaging. One thing is for sure, Sky In The Clouds is no makeweight, no filler. Rather it is a wonderfully minimal, hypnotic and groove-heavy slice of ambient house that may just be the star of an already marvellous show.

With such an accomplished and, frankly, fabulous EP etched onto her CV, it is no wonder Scott has reason to smile. More please.

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