Thursday, 7 August 2014

LAAK - Invocations - Contrast Wax

Home or away, LAAK invariably play a blinder. Whether releasing on their own beautifully-constructed label Austere Recordings or outings on likeminded imprints such as Rough House Rosie, Monochromatic or as is the case here the as-impressive Contrast Wax, their work is a collective and collectable joy.

Invocations the EP fits just as snugly into their fine discography. Even so, for followers of LAAK the opener Invoke A Response is something of a surprise in that it finds the duo at arguably their moodiest, broodiest and darned meanest thus far. It’s LAAK picking a fight musically. A gurgling, rubbery bassline keeps the tension brewing throughout with formidable back up from menacing synth swathes and sporadic snare stabs that together seem to beg the question “you want some?”. We do.

The superb perc-driven Cadedance is more familiar territory though no less welcome. It has the rolling drums, ear-worm melodies, pristine synth work and inherent deepness that we have come to know and love of LAAK, as well as a hint of acid thrown in for good measure. Tune.

Recant is again typical LAAK; atmospheric, assured and evocative. They do what they do so well and once this cut finds its flow the listener is rapidly sucked in and swept along with its infectious groove.

Rounding off the release is more goodness in the shape of Coming Through, an accomplished slice of deep, soulful acid. Even by LAAK’s own high standards, this is a bit special and will no doubt, as with the other three cuts, be on heavy rotation amongst the heads. Thoroughly recommended.

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