Friday, 19 September 2014

Gauss - Schwarzgerat - Gauss Ltd

In rock and roll it is the difficult second album. In underground electronic music there is no such luxury. It is the second EP that often proves problematic. No such concerns though for the enigmatic Gauss project who build upon their solid debut release of earlier this year, Braunschweig, with a three-track techno follow-up of even more intelligence, style and quality. That EP is Schwarzgerat.

Hitting the ground running, the title track finds its feet fast as no doubt might you since its woozy groove is both infectious and insistent, its melodies fiendishly catchy creating a cut designed for the more discerning and savvy dance-floors of the underground. 

As might be expected of a number entitled F(X), it is a little more prosaic than the opener. Its precision, however, is finely balanced by a charming ambient tincture which, combined with the slower pace, add up to a deceptively hypnotic and rewarding little groover.

Continuing the ambient theme, Quadratic Forms (Prelude) brings the curtain down in dramatic fashion with broad-sweeping synth motions and an orchestral lilt that demonstrate Gauss are more than just your average techno outfit. With rumours already of appearances on other like-minded labels, Gauss are clearly in it for the long haul.

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