Saturday, 20 September 2014

Common Dreams - Common Dreams 1 - Common Dreams

Quality techno is back on trend. Maybe it never went away. But with the likes of Italian upstart Joe Drive, mysterious newcomers Gauss and the debuting Common Dreams firing on all cylinders, it seems that right now is a good time for techno.

And what all these projects have in, ahem, common is a keen sense of musicality, harmony and, of course, quality. Common Dreams, both the artist and label, clearly share this vision judging by release number one and with an equally-impressive follow-up from UK producer John Shima also waiting in the wings, it already looks like a project to keep a beady eye on.

As for Common Dreams 01, put simply it’s ace; a two-track, ten-inch techno treat. It does exactly what the label promised in serving up futuristic, rhythmic techno for the heads, hearts and minds.

Side one track Data Waves delivers on all counts being a deep, hypnotic and pulsating force intended to inspire both listeners and dancers. It does.

Over on the flipside, Twisted Future is a little more genteel, a touch less relentless, but its soulful and funky hue means it is every bit as inspired and dance-floor friendly as Data Waves and just as listenable. As for Common Dreams 02, bring it on.

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