Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Jordan – Meanwhile In Ridgewood – Ornate Music

Ornate Music has over the last few years calmly and resolutely developed into one of the more essential independent labels especially for those of a certain inclination. Agnés, Dubbyman, Sai et al are testament to the imprint’s innate quality.

But the London-based imprint also knows a hot young talent when it hears one and in snapping up New York-based Jordan for its latest release, Ornate has its metaphorical finger firmly on the pulse.

Because if Jordan’s recent and excellent Division Point EP for Finale Sessions was a heady and smouldering brew of house and techno goodness then Meanwhile In Ridgewood is positively aglow.

Beginning as it does with the title track, a reference to the talented producer's neighbourhood, the five-track EP finds Jordan take flight with a delicately balanced number that melds ethereal and earthy to near-dammit perfection. Indeed, he does it throughout this must-have release.

Sophie is just as gutsy yet with a deft and soulful touch too, whilst Through The Fog is something of a standout for those of us who like their deepness with a groovy glow.

Ambient-inspired Visage is a bold and experimental showcasing of Jordan’s undoubted talent. It’s stunning too as is the drop-dead gorgeous piano-driven remix from label-mate and one of Britain’s best current producers, Leif.

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