Monday, 29 February 2016

Various Artists – Special Series 01 – Hizou Deep Rooted Music

OTHER than ‘hola’, ‘cerveza’ and ‘el ritmo de la noche’ – a throwback to my hedonistic young raving days and a very vague recollection of a long-forgotten Balearic stormer rather than some Eurodance pap, honest guv – my Spanish skills are pretty ropey. Shame, because not only do I love the country, its culture and folks but I also have a real thing for the nation’s finer champions of the deep house.

An increasingly significant figure in that movement is the Mallorca-based Satore, owner of both the Hizou and Future Reactions imprints, the man behind the short-run vinyl pressing venture WeRecordVinyl and first-rate producer in his own right too.

Here he launches the first in a special series of ultra-limited edition vinyl releases focusing on a rather different side to his taste. It’s clearly a more techno leaning and, in a broader sense, European vibe compared with the main label, which is heavily influenced by the classic house sounds of Chicago and Detroit.

But fear not because it’s still deep and it’s still bloody good.

My manlove for the producer known as W&P Hgg [aka Hugo Giner] and his Valencia-based label Cornuta Sound is well documented across t'internet. So to see him turn up again on another of the imprints I cherish is almost too much for me to bear. Besides myself doesn’t even get near it. Moreover, his contribution Techno Is Back is a superb and delicately balanced barnstormer with a massive dose of funk and soul thrown into the mix to keep those of us onside who are a little afraid of the word ‘techno’.

Mind you, despite my enduring admiration of Mr Giner, I have to confess to a severe crush on Speak My Language by the debuting Ithkuil [clever title and artist name link-up from a very smart and talented producer. Go Google]. The track itself is a beautifully understated and melancholic number that like all the best productions offers a little something for the soul, mind and, of course, feet. Absolutely gorgeous.

The Gauss duo of Owen Jay and Natan H simply pick up from where they left off with previous top-notch releases on their own self-titled label and British imprint Contrast Wax. Diversey River Bowl is yet more seriously weighty raw-as techno with a melodic core.

Finishing off with a flourish is Aalto, a dreamy and darn catchy acid-flecked offering from the excellent Jaime Read [aka LHAS] and that man Jay again.

Currently available to order direct from Hizou right here, then eventually via Juno, show the label some love and snap up a collector’s piece worth pushing the boat out for.

Check out:
Hizou @ Facebook
Special Series 01 @ Juno

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