Friday, 26 February 2016

Lanoche – Inmensamente – So Unreal

IF it’s Spanish, deep and vinyl-only then I’m all over it like a rash.

Debuting Madrid-based imprint So Unreal had me right from the off without even knowing it. Still, it certainly helps if the release in question is a bit tasty too. Fortunately the Inmensamente EP from newcomer Lanoche is exactly that.

Even so, if ever an opening track from a brand new label was going to scream ‘buy me’ to these ears then it is Te Quiero. It’s a refined, classy and beautifully crafted hunk of deepness that grooves along just nicely and is laden with ambient, atmospheric and ethereal undertones. One of the best cuts to hit my turntable so far this year. 

Extasis is no makeweight either. A burbling bassline and edgy, leftfield aesthetic, however, are the order of the day here. Even so, despite eschewing the smooth sophistication of the lovely Te Quiero, it’s still a super little number. 

Having wooed the audience into a false sense of security with the inspired deep house of Te Quiero and Extasis, side two is the 14-minute title track, a strangely beguiling and alluring journey into lo-fi experimentation and film soundtrack territory. Not to everyone’s taste no doubt, but well worth staying the distance.

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