Sunday, 3 April 2016

Rai Scott – Clarinet Moods – No More To Roam

IT was only the other day I was thinking to myself that you really don’t get enough clarinet in house music. Then blow me along comes the new solo EP from the sublimely-talented Rai Scott –  she of Inner Shift Music fame  absolutely brimming with the bleedin’ lesser-spotted woodwind wonder.

Honestly though, the Edinburgh-based artist’s charming Clarinet Moods, only the second EP on the already-promising No More To Roam – sister label to Contrast-Wax – is not only ridiculously good, it’s also a bit of a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by sterile, lowest-common-denominator dance-music.

The title track comes in two versions; sultry and even more sultry. Well, officially the Melody Mix and the Lazy Dub but both take low-slung hot and steamy house music to the borders of sexy before actually straying into late-night Channel 4 adult foreign film territory. Not that I’ve ever seen any. Honest.

Both takes on the same tune are seriously enchanting, haunting and drop-dead gorgeous. Scott and the folks behind No More To Roam both deserve great credit for sticking to their guns and putting quality to the fore rather than a knee-jerk commercial impulse to include a ‘banger’.

Move To The Front does wrap up this super little package with a nice little gear change though – the closest we come to banger here but still nothing to break sweat over mind – with layers of rolling bassline, percussion and ethereal synth pointing the way to the dance-floor.

Check out:
No More To Roam @ Soundcloud
Clarinet Moods @ Juno

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