Saturday, 21 November 2015

Various Artists - Atmospheres EP2 – Batti Batti Records

HE’S a busy boy that Owen Jay.

Not content with yet another must-have release with long-time partner Melchior Sultana, this time on Deep Explorer [listen here], and a couple of side projects coming together as we speak, he’s also found room to fit in EP number 10 on his own lovely label, Batti Batti.

Understandably perhaps though, he’s taken a back seat on production this time round. Instead Jay has left Atmospheres 2 [check the excellent first in the series here] in the capable hands of three carefully handpicked artists both old and new to the imprint: Saverio Celestri, Jordan and Dan Mela.

Detroit Feeling from young Berlin-based Italian producer Celestri, who also appeared on the label’s Crossover EP, leads the way with a sparky and emotionally-intense little number heavily-influenced by the Motor City, as the name suggests, that leaves an overriding feeling of, well, Detroit.

By contrast, Device from Brooklyn-based Jordan (Finale Sessions/Ornate) making his label debut is a wonderfully dark, haunting and more dramatic track and showcases to perfection the skills which tempted the excellent Fred P into a collaboration on the Deep Explorer compilation, Far & Beyond.

Rounding off this thoroughly enjoyable EP is something of an unexpected treat. Tenuta Ken from the talented Dan Mela is an exceptional ten-minute tour de force featuring acclaimed Italian jazz pianist Stefano Calzolari, which brings together neatly Mela’s passion, predilection and proficiency for all things soul, funk and jazz. Nice.

Check out:
Atmospheres 2 @ Juno

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