Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ben Boe – Journeys Into The Realm Of Team 17 – Contrast Wax

THERE is an empty space on my record shelves that has been crying out for a new release from Contrast Wax. And having turned to Ben Parkinson of Boe Recordings and For Those That Knoe fame, the ever-consistent boutique label have done themselves and my vinyl collection rather proud with this their eighth release.

Having curated his own imprints so diligently and to near-perfection, Parkinson has emerged from the shadows of late and really proved himself a producer of note. Here on Journeys Into The Realm Of Team 17 his fast-growing reputation will only be enhanced even further thanks to three tracks of genuine craft and style.

Steel City Fly By steals it for me. Based around a neatly muted kick, atmospheric pads that ebb and flow throughout and a generally spacey vibe that is fast becoming one of Parkinson’s hallmarks, it really is one satisfyingly chunky bastard of a track.

Continuing on an intergalactic tip is Hope For Enceladus [it’s the sixth-largest moon of Saturn, don’t cha know]. Once again there is an ethereal feel about it due in no small part to the burbling acid line, gorgeous floating pads and subtly searing synth stabs.

Final cut Byzantine Times is a perfect fit and fitting conclusion to another excellent offering from Contrast Wax. More laidback than the other cuts, yet with a touch more menace and purpose about it too, the cleverly-layered snare and synth lines ensure it is no mere filler. It’s a track that means business like the rest of this quality release.

Tip, as they say.

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