Thursday, 26 November 2015

Professor Inc. – From Scratch To Formula – Boe Recordings

AS Prince nearly wrote, it’s been seven hours and fifteen days since I started this bloody intro. And all because I fancied some Oscar Wilde-style witticism, Ricky Gervais gag or George Bernard Shaw-type play on words around the name Boe. Bo Diddley. Bodacious. Even Bo Derek. But, alas, I’ve given up and all that leaves me is to get to the point and declare how bleedin’ terrific is the new twelve from the super little London-based label of that name.

We’ve always had a real soft spot for Boe here at bringdownthewalls and now nearly 30 releases in – even more if you include special series and sister label For Those That Knoe – that love shows no sign of abating. And having already extolled the virtues of head honcho Ben Parkinson’s production skills in an earlier review, it’s his A&R nous that I am now here to doff my cap at. Because returning to the Boe fold is French producer Professor Inc. with an EP even more thunderously ace than his stylish Illumination Of The Path label debut of three years ago.

Low-slung pumping house is the order of the day on this four-track beauty. Opening shot Crazy sets the tone with its irresistible 4/4 thrust, pulsating rhythm and husky vocal snatch. Underground is another hypnotic belter too, rolling beats and fabulous floaty synths proving an intoxicating brew.

As excellent as these two club-bound cuts are, and trust me they are, being the perverse little bugger that I am, it is once again the B-side that really grabs me round the throat and demands ‘buy me’.

Life After Asylum does have plenty of meat on it too. But here the emotive, even melancholic, strings drift beautifully across the sparse landscape rendering the track one for both the head and the feet. Standout cut in my book, however, is EP closer Put Up The Vibe. Warmer and more comforting than an open-fire toasted crumpet, this vinyl-only treat grooves along joyously with lovely vocal, synth and FX stabs for company.

One of the finest selections from the Boe peeps.

Check out:
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