Saturday, 11 October 2014

LAAK - Our Ways – Altered Moods Recordings

Another day, another deep house pearl from LAAK.

It’s been a rewarding few years or so for the enigmatic Birmingham-based duo that has built a reputation as one of the best production outfits in town with a slew of captivating releases, mostly via their own handsome label Austere Recordings. It’s a status that has been cemented further by carefully chosen guest appearances such as the recent sought-after Invocations EP on Contrast-Wax.

Now comes this. If anyone knows a thing or two about quality deepness it is Altered Moods owner Malcolm Moore. So it is absolutely no surprise he went knocking at LAAK’s door. And it is even less wonder that the resulting Our Ways EP is bang on and utterly essential.

Opening shot Our Ways Run Together is the kind of melodic, understated and wistful interpretation of classic deep house that has become something of a stock in trade for the production pairing; soul warming music for even the weariest of listeners.

The beauteous Discarded Memories is similarly spiritually affirming and uplifting, subtly groovy too, a comfort-blanket of a track indeed, whilst New Dawn is another blissful and hypnotic assault on the ears.

Completing the line-up is I Can’t Help (This Feeling), the bounciest and most robust of the four-track selection, which calls to mind the best work of veteran producer Soul 223.

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