Sunday, 4 February 2018

Allstarr Motomusic/Manuel Costela – Love Souls – TH Pressing

LORD knows when he gets time to sleep that man Tominori Hosoya. If he’s not diligently and lovingly compiling his first album, then he’s busy dropping deep house bombs for a rake of well-respected labels. And then there’s his very own burgeoning imprint TH Pressing, which is back with its fourth vinyl-only EP, Love Souls

Only this time he’s taken more of a back-seat role and left the music to a couple of old hands on this rather charming release.

First up is Allstarr Motomusic aka George Btp, the driving force behind and the face of DeepArtSounds. His love of Prescription Records is no secret and indeed both Ron Trent and Anthony Nicholson have represented Btp’s Zurich-based label. There is a hefty nod in that direction with the beguiling Night Romance, a cut that Btp wrote coincidentally whilst in Tokyo, the home of TH Pressing. Sumptuous and comforting on the ears, the track chugs along delightfully and is elevated to the level of must-have by the sensual delivery of Debra Jones Davis [Altered Moods Recordings]. If there is a better spoken-word vocalist doing the rounds right now then I’ve yet to hear them.

And on the subject of classy songstresses, erstwhile DeepArtSounds collaborator Sarignia Bonfá pops up again here on Light Of The Soul. Not as breathless and pulsating as the previous track, it is nonetheless a satisfyingly deep, thoughtful and jazz-inspired offering that still stands head and shoulders above most releases searching painfully, insincerely for a similar vibe. You either have it or you ain’t.

Manuel Costela takes care of the flip. Head of both Bucketround and 2phonic Recordings, the Madrid-based artist has been plying his trade under different guises for a decade plus but there is real momentum building right now with a slew of productions appearing or in the pipeline on his own imprints or those of others. Here he delivers a couple of gems.

The soulful lilt of Sunshine Love is backed by a truly chunky groove and as such it is easy to hear why Hosoya snapped this up. But overlook Hurt at your peril. This warm, Rhodes-driven, electro-inspired number is an absolute joy from start to finish, seven minutes of sonic sunshine. Tip, as the hipsters say.

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