Thursday, 15 February 2018

2DeepSoul – Windows – Inner Shift Music

EVEN a brief shufty around this site rapidly reveals our deep affection for the Inner Shift stable generally, 2DeepSoul in particular and especially the good folks behind it all. Which makes it even more surprising that we didn’t wax lyrical when the essential Windows EP got its vinyl release towards the back end of last year. Fortunately we have the opportunity to make amends now that it has been made available for the download community.

After many years in the game Brad Peterson and Rai Scott know their way around this deep house malarkey that’s for sure. And over the course of five EPs together as 2DeepSoul a “sound” has distinctly been honed. Whether by accident or design I know not, but it’s there. In many ways opening cut Clarity is it, that sound, right there in a nutshell; dreamy, ethereal, morish. Contour Lines is more of the same to a point, but with a little more tech and a distant vocal sample, not a typical motif of the duo, added to the brew.

Proceedings get even better and more ear catching over on t’other side, as they might say in northern parts. Someday has the lady’s talented fingerprints smeared all over it, Rai Scott being a self-confessed ambient head at heart and, indeed, body and soul. It’s indulgently deep and delicious too, a track that in all honesty I think I could listen to all day long or even longer. It’s A Sign rounds off this fine affair. It’s more mesmerising than a mesmerised Franz Mesmer and house just as I like it; slow burning, deep and meditative.

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