Monday, 25 January 2016

Various Artists – Codes Of Sacrifice – deepArtSounds

IT would take neither Einstein to theorise nor Sherlock Holmes to deduce that we love deepArtSounds here at bringdownthewalls. A brief shufty around this site and the eagle-eyed amongst you will soon spot not only reviews of their consistently superb output but a lengthy interview with the Swiss label’s boss man.

And there is one very simple reason for our infatuation with the Zurich-based imprint. They won’t stop releasing great records.

Here’s another, the various artists EP, Codes Of Sacrifice. The opening number, which near as damn it lends its name to this formidable four-track twelve, finds label favourite and US house music stalwart Anthony Nicholson [one half of African Blues with a certain Mr. Ron Trent and of Prescription and Clairaudience fame] in full soulful, percussive mode. Searing, sparkling, spiritual sounds of the highest order.

Label boss George Btp’s alter ego Allstarr Motomusic dives as deep as you can possibly go without the aid of scuba gear with the truly delicious Open The Sky. Fashioned from the fabric labelled ‘timeless house music’, the track could have been produced in Chicago or even Chipping Norton [ok, so we know it was Zurich], unearthed from the past or produced only last week, influenced by Ron the don or the men from Madrid. Truth is it matters not as what really counts is its infectious groove, joie de vivre and instant ability to put a dirty, great smile across your face.

Rapidly becoming one of our favourite producers round these parts is Jesus Gonsev, head of the Troubled Kids label and hired gun for imprints such as Batti Batti, Music With Content and Minuendo Recordings. He delivers yet again with the beauteous Kiss My Eye which unusually for him features a vocal, that of the seriously-talented Sarignia Bonfà.

Completing the package is Ron Juan, otherwise known as Giovanni Damico, founder of White Rabbit Recordings. His cut Black Jungle dovetails seamlessly with the other three tracks being as it is another hefty helping of your finest deepness.

One great big comforting onesie of a record. Wrap yourself up in it.

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