Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Jimini – Jimini EP – Fox Trax

JIMINI is French. Apparently. He takes his coffee black. Allegedly. And he has never stayed at my place [twice]. Oh no. Because that might render this review a tad impartial and that would never do.

Especially if the whiff of nepotism detracted from the fact the increasingly-prolific Lille-based DJ and producer otherwise known as Jimmy Crispyn has turned out yet another cracking EP, this time once again for Fox Trax. It’s his second solo outing with the Moscow label – the classy leftfield deep house twelve Experimental Nature was released a couple of years back [listen/buy here] – but this self-titled latest offering is simply a cut above.

No More Notes, the fabulous opening track, is in many ways typical Jimini and certainly showcases what he does best; deep, emotive house with a sprinkling of glitterball funk. Rhythm Ballad In My Soul is of a similar ilk but with a more leisurely, low-slung groove.

The b-side features a pair of impressive slower jams, When Love Is Back and Who Want To See. The former has a bluesy, dusky Moodymann-esque quality about it, never a bad thing, whilst the latter is a rather pleasing drifting, ethereal affair.

Très bien, mate.

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