Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Kez YM - Moving Vision - Yore

IF a dose of classy house music is your fancy then Kazuki Yamaguchi, or Kez YM as he is better known in music circles, is invariably your man. The Japanese producer has proved over the last few years that he really is a talent to be reckoned with thanks to quality output across such respected labels as 4 Lux, City Fly and Deep Explorer.

But it is his lengthy association with the consistently hot Cologne-based Yore Records that he is perhaps best known for, a relationship which for many has borne the juiciest fruit. Rather appropriate then that his latest for the German outfit, the Moving Vision EP, is also a bit of a peach.

Opening track Fixer is a slow burning, chunky percussive groover that unfolds steadily to reveal its heart and soul buried deep in African-inspired sounds, rhythms and vibes.

Extended Sunset is a real beauty. Near seven minutes of joyous, uplifting, smile-on-the-face deepness to warm the cockles of even the most hard-hearted of hard-hearted bastards. Moon Night Leaves is a bit of a treat too, superbly-crafted classic deep house with a touch of the Larry Heards about it, which is never ever a bad thing.

Ably playing a supporting role is Weekend, a more tribal, forceful and unrelenting take on the deep house oeuvre. It properly rocks too, building slowly but surely before finally letting go with a bombardment of first-rate percussion work, hypnotic acid line and a groove that dishes out a firm kick up the jacksy and demands “dance!”.

Check out:
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