Saturday, 4 April 2015

Jacksonville - Fragments - Inner Shift Music

If incorrigible media twat Nathan Barley did music reviews then he would undoubtedly describe the new Inner Shift release as ‘well Jackson’. Because not only is it really rather good, or ‘well Jackson’ in Barley-speak, it also happens to be by one of our favourite producers, the man aptly known as Jacksonville.

Coming off the back of an excellent contribution, The City Sleeps, to the recent Inner Shift various artists EP, Collective Continents, Jacksonville [or Chris Lyth, as he is better known to those that know him] gets the opportunity to flex his muscles, crack his knuckles and craft a four-track solo twelve of sheer quality entitled Fragments.

It’s fittingly named too as the EP neatly showcases and signposts just some of the strands that make up Lyth’s unquestionable ability and talent, from dancefloor-friendly cosmic house through to classic deepness and even live artist.

It is, however, the eponymous Fragment One and Fragment Two that combine to provide side one. Fragment One is the more muscular and danceable of the two, thanks to an irresistible bassline, insistent kick, mesmerising acid line and warm pads that float off way into the galaxy like an untethered cosmonaut.

Fragment Two is naturally more restrained, distinctly deeper. Lush melodic synths and an inviting bassline are the order of the day with the combination working an absolute treat.

Over on t’other side, as Yorkshire-born Lyth may or may not say, is Seberg; a satisfying slice of classic deepness culled from a specially-written live set. It’s all about the driving percussion and funky bassline here, interwoven with dinky earworm melodies that linger long after the track ends.

Continuing our love of the B side [what is it with saving the best ‘til last so often these days?], the EP concludes in tip-top fashion with the utterly gorgeous Every Single Word. Here Lyth, who also owns the excellent Doppler label, allows emotional strings and melancholic pads to drift delightfully and harmoniously around a chunky yet restrained kick punctuated only occasionally by the well-placed vocal snatch. Well Jackson[ville].

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