Saturday, 29 April 2017

user_ambiguous – Whispers Of A Dream – Shimmering Moods Records

THERE comes a time in every househead’s life when he or she needs something a little more relaxed, something beyond even deep and something, quite frankly, not house. Hard to believe, I know. But those moments are more and more frequent these days so praise the lord for this musical soother.

The glorious Whispers Of A Dream [available here] on the Amsterdam-based label Shimmering Moods Records is in fact the debut full-length from the enigmatic and anonymous user-ambiguous, who under another guise is a mean producer of house music herself and a self-confessed ambient lover at heart.

Despite the artist’s moniker, there is little ambiguous about the album for this user. Its tranquil beauty resonates deeply and constantly throughout, no makeweight, throwaway, insincere chillout here. No siree.

Each of the eight tracks tell their own story and the titles alone point the way, from Contemplation to The Beauty Of Inner Landscapes to Reminder Of Nature. Even the most stressed amongst us would surely unwind to the contemplative elegance of ten-minute epic Dimension Of The Mind Less Known. If not then they probably need a physician. Fast.

And who could not be moved by the haunting, melancholic soul of A Waking Angel Stirs, an homage to 19th century English poet and philosophical author James Allen, or transported to a more peaceful, almost certainly better, place by the natural and relaxing charm of A Beach In Winter.

Dreaming With Awareness and Reminder Of Nature exude the same calming characteristics, the same sentiment and grace.

In what has been a tough start to the New Year for yours truly – don’t ask, you really don’t want to know – Whispers Of A Dream has become my go-to musical comfort blanket. And even in better and more settled times ahead, which will surely follow, it is an album that I will unquestionably return to again and again. 

More than that though and transcending even the exquisite music, Whispers Of A Dream is a constant reminder that in the emotional maelstrom that is modern life, there is another way.

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