Thursday, 8 January 2015

Skew - Peckings - The Bush

As debuts go, it is impressive. Very impressive. But then Ben Micklewright, the talent behind new project The Bush, is an impressive chap.

Not content with his work as much-rated producer BLM and co-owner of the ever-impressive Fear Of Flying label, Micklewright has also recently gone halves on another excellent project, The White Man and The Arab. Now comes a new venture inspired by his West London neighbourhood and a new moniker drawing on his wide-ranging musical knowledge and multifarious influences.

Under the pseudonym Skew, Micklewright gets the project off to a flyer with an unapologetically deep four-tracker named after his local record shop, the legendary Peckings.

The eponymous opening cut is about as airy, spacious and downright desirable as deep house gets. Less is more may be the mantra, but it nevertheless takes real ability, dexterity and skill to make it work this beautifully. Og18 is similarly cerebral and gorgeous, full of atmosphere, emotion and meaning for those up for buying into its musical spirituality.

Though a little more chunky - and there’s nothing at all wrong with that - Legome is equally effortlessly cool, unashamedly laidback and, put simply, ace. Lockdown barely breaks sweat either, sub-aqueous layering, muted kick et al draped in a dreamy cloak being the order of the day here.

Like a fine wine, the still-young Micklewright continues to mature well with age and this delightful collection is right up there with his best work. More Skew, more Bush, more please.

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