Saturday, 22 March 2014

LAAK/Banfield Audio - Calisto - Monochromatic

Being based in Argentina, many miles from the physical deep house hot spots, has not stopped the Monochromatic label from having its finger well and truly on the pulse. With four releases in little more than a year featuring Specter, Amir Alexander and Brad Peterson, the Banfield Audio boys behind the label are back with another 10" special featuring not only themselves but also yet more highly-coveted underground talent.

Taking a breather from their own well-respected label Austere, LAAK come up trumps for Monochromatic with the superb Calisto (it's a genus of butterfly or old typeface. Take your pick). Delicately textured as you might expect from LAAK, the track is as flighty, jaunty and optimistic as anything produced thus far on their own imprint and contains a melody so ridiculously catchy that it will take root in your mind and soul for some considerable time. You have been warned. 

By all accounts it is not the last of LAAK's away day adventures with forthcoming excursions coming soon on Rough House Rosie and Malcolm Moore's long-running deep house label Altered Moods.

Meanwhile back on the flipside, Banfield Audio deliver with aplomb more of the Motor City-inspired sound that has become their trademark. Waves From Detroit does what it says on the tin, layers of synth and melody combining to produce the kind of ethereal yet mechanical vibe that is reminiscent of work straight outta the D and touches a nerve with many a vinyl buyers these days. 

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