Friday, 14 February 2014

Gauss - Braunschweig - Gauss Ltd.

Contemporary techno can leave me cold. Too often it is just that little too mechanical, soulless and glib. Of course there are many exceptions and, besides, every genre has examples of ill-conceived ideas and projects lacking real integrity. This from newcomers Gauss, however, is my kinda techno.

Gauss are both a new label and production outfit comprising two artists better known by other names and for different styles. They are keeping their identities under wraps. For now. What is clear, however, is that this their two-track introduction is an intriguing, raw and worthy way to make an entrance.

Opener and title-track Braunschweig bounces briskly, moodily and robotically from beginning to end. Deep soulful chords, however, ensure the track remains at all times so much more poetic than prosaic despite its deliberate rough edges and obvious mechanical construction.

The B-side cut Interpolations is much more experimental and angular. A broken and slightly muted kick underlines the cut’s techno heritage whereas the synth work is unexpectedly melodic despite its dirty and off-kilter approach. An accomplished, self-assured and solid debut.

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